Glasgow Lions are delighted to have obtained the 1st level of accreditation, Get Active, in Glasgow Sport’s ‘Clubmark’ club development scheme.

The criteria for accreditation reflects the main ethos of the Glasgow Lions, that the sport should be available to everyone, along with a number of other factors that recognises our commitment to developing the club & it’s members.

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Glasgow Sport’s Clubmark is a club development scheme.

It aims to recognise, reward and accredit sports clubs in Glasgow that are fully committed to providing their members with a safe, effective, inclusive and fun environment for all, but especially children and young people.

Clubmark therefore is a stamp of quality for any club to demonstrate they have reached a particular standard. A Clubmark club is a club that has achieved the minimum requirements within each of the following 5 sections:

Sports Equity and Ethics
Protection of Vulnerable Groups and Duty of Care
Club Management
Club Development and Junior Pathways
Coaching, Coaches and Officials


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