The Lions are on the lookout for sponsorship. We would be grateful if our members can look through the content below and help us with our search. If you are a business interested in sponsoring the Lions please see our sponsorship page for a range of benefits our club can provide you with.

Dear Club Member,

The Glasgow Lions has grown year on year since its foundation in 2007 and this year the Club has continued to grow. With this growth come increased financial costs and in order to maintain current growth and grow the Club further, the club is looking for potential sponsors to sponsor the club.

This year the Club have secured some funding from the Big Lottery fund but this only helps subsidise a small portion of the clubs annual commitments to provide some basic items to its members.  The club aims to raise some additional monies through a couple of fundraiser events proposed this year; however we also require additional funding through sponsorship.

The club has been fortunate over the years in that it has always kept costs to players to a minimum. We only charge players nominal tournament and league entry fees.  In addition, only a £1 membership free was changed for the 2013 season. The club takes pride in that it does not charge players for any of its training sessions and so allows players to join without a financial burden from the outset.

The club is looking for potential sponsors to help with:-
– Playing Kit
– Training Equipment
– Coaching Courses
– Referee Courses
– Marketing & Advertising
– Buses to Long distance Tournaments such as Aberdeen and Newcastle
-Sponsorship of Glasgow Lions Hosted tournaments [Beginners / Mens & Womens and Mixed Tournament]
-Continued subsidised tournament entry fees for players etc.

Attached to this email is a link to a Club sponsorship letter and package documents which can be used to help anyone who is willing to approach someone that they think would be interested in sponsoring our club.  This could be your place of work, a relative or friend that you think you could approach who may be in a position to sponsor us.

You will see in the package documents above that there are a number of ways to provide sponsorship to the Club and what the Club can offer a sponsor in return.  These are flexible and not set in stone so please feel free to discuss any of the options or general questions with the club Sponsorship & Fundraising committee [Ann Marie Wall, Adrian O’Sullivan, Alex Matheson, Mungo Ferguson & Sean Batty]

Thanking You in Advance
Sponsorship & Fundraising Committee

Sponsorship Cover Letter

Sponsorship Letter for Businesses

Sponsorship Letter for Pubs or Clubs

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