Here are the teams for tomorrow, good luck to everyone!

A few points to remember.

Make sure everyone has signed a team sheet and is registered.
Distribute and collect kit and find a volunteer to wash who is coming on Thursday.
Lead warm ups and team talks.
Winning team to return the scorecard to the control room after each game. Don’t forget or it will go down as a 0-0!

Check the playing schedule and know where you should be and when.
Make sure you sign your team sheet.
Return your playing top at the end.
If you are a ref bring your top and whistle, every team will have to provide a player ref.
Have fun!

Glasgow Lions A

Brian McCluskey
Alex Matheson
Robbie Ryan
Felix Gilffeder
Stephen Bennett
Billy Milligan

Laura O’Reilly
Louise Heritage
Gillian Bond
Jen Kieran (C)
Jo Campbell
Lizzie Willis

Glasgow Lions B

John Dunne
Adrian O’Sullivan
David Osborne
Ryan Shearer
Liam Barry
Mark MacConnell
Kieran Mulcahy

Julie Clark
Sinead O’Loughlin
Elaine Clark
Diana Rix (C)

Glasgow Lions C

Dominic Wilde
James Green
Peter Benson
Chris Luscombe
Samuel Pavin
Ian Houston
Iain Simms(C)

Ruth McNeil (half day)
Lesley Mulgrew
Audrey Murphy
Sherrie Morrison
Olivia Wolff