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Stirling STS Results

Full results from the Stirling STS are below. Glasgow Lions enjoyed their best STS result to date with a 6th place finish narrowly losing the bowl final to Blue Jays.

1. Meerkats (Cup)
2. Meerkits
3. Geckos
4. Hoodlums
5. Blue Jays (Bowl)
6. Glasgow Lions A
7. Wallace Monumentals
8. Galaxy Scotland
9. Six Pack Roosters (Shield)
10. Blackadders
11. Glasgow Lions B
12. Flossie Posse
13. Sparks (invitational side)
14. Hoodlets (Plate)
15. DNV GLadiators
16. activitymix Guerillas
17. Stirling Uni Stingers (Tankard)
18. Glasgow Lions C
19. Aberdeenshire Leopards
20. Glasgow Phoenix