There is going to be a Level 1 referee course on Sunday 24th April (time tbc) at Hillhead Sports Club, presented by Phil Leeks, who most of you will know from the league/tournaments.

We would like as many members as possible to put themselves forward for the course, whether you are new or experienced. The club is now very light on qualified referees and as you will all know the sport depends on player referees, without them we cannot enter tournaments or leagues and that impacts you all as players because if we cannot enter there will be no opportunities to play.

All the costs of the course are covered, you will receive a referee shirt and whistle. It involves a couple of hours of presentation, practise some signals and then a multiple choice exam. Also, Michael Bottom will be at our Beginners Tournament providing referee coaching and assessment so that anyone who takes the course will be able to take their practical assessment at our tournament and receive their Level 1 badge.

If you need any further encouragement, then taking the course will make you a better player. You will have a sound understanding of all the rules, reduce your penalty count and be able to spot, and take advantage of, attacking penalties before they’re blown.

If you are interested, please sign up here.